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Jooligii abuukaataha ahaa Part 2

Jagdishwar Mishra is a Lucknow based lawyer who works as an assistant to one of the most famous lawyer of Lucknow, Rizvi Sahab. He hails from Kanpur. In order to arrange money for his own chamber, Jolly lies a pregnant lady, Hina and convince her to give him 2 Lakh rupees as a fees so that Rizvi Sahab would fight ...

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The film begins with a quick flashback into the life of Bharti Rai, the daughter of chief minister Ramnath Rai. Influenced by leftist ideology, she rebels against her father and joins the rival party of leftist leader Bhaskar Sanyal. Bharti develops an illicit relationship with Bhaskar, who, guilt-ridden over taking advantage of the younger woman, leaves for parts unknown, having ...

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Qof awoodo

This is the story of a man who lived, laughed and loved just like everyone in this world. Until one day, a terrible tragedy struck. Driven by the fire of vengeance, nothing will stop him. Not even the fact that he has been blind since birth.

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Raadin – Amir Khan, Kareena & Rani

Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat investigates a popular film star’s death. Before he can solve the complicated case, he has to face his suppressed grief and deal with Rosie — a murderer.

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Chetan Chauhan and Bhagat Bhosle are two con artists, who have recently robbed Anthony Gonsalves. Bhagat first meets Anthony and steals his suitcase, covering it up with a fake suitcase of his own, and tries to leave with it, but the real suitcase accidentally comes out of the fake one, causing Anthony to chase Bhagat, who escapes. When Anthony goes ...

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Adiga Farxadaada

Tara Wadia, a singer and girlfriend of a gangster Raghu lives with her mother. One day Raghu confess before Tara that he had spent a night with another woman unintentionally. Disappointedly Tara broke up with him and decided to leave him. She goes to Dublin where she gets detained after being caught with drugs. Tara calls Raghu for help. Now ...

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